The chemical process based on hydrogen chloride (HCl) takes place in 4 separated sections, each with a specific concentration. It results in high speeds and shortlead times. A radioactive source monitors the precise HCl concentrations, ensuring optimal pickling quality.


All residue is removed by five rinse sections connected in series, which guarantees a thorough cleansing of the pickled sheet surface.

The demineralized rinse waters  are continuously and directly monitored on the basis of critical parameters and online process control. In this way, it meets stringent requirements  so that the client obtains the appropriate results, an evenly pickled and clean surface sheet.


Incoming Material

Int. Coil Diam.
610, 700, 762, 800, 850 & 900 mm


Line design for pickled coils, characteristics for marketable qualities:

Coil Weight: until 36 t

Thickness: 1.5 to 12 mm

Width: 700 to 2050 mm


Edge Trim

Min. Trim Width: 1.5 x sheet thickness (per side), with a minimum of 10mm/side


Scrap Chopper

Max Scrap Width (1.5 to 6 mm): 50mm/side

Max Scrap Width (6.1 to 8 mm): 30mm/side


Additives (standard)



Oil Coating (several kinds)

Oil coating thickness conform your specification

Oiling with electrostatic oiler

Dry pickling is possible as well



By using the metal shears in our production line, we are able to divide your coil into smaller coils.


Finished Material

Coil Weight                 

Max. 36 t

Min. 10 t

Int. Coil Diam.  610 mm (1.5 tot 12 mm thick)
Surface Passivated and oiled or non-oiled



All listed qualities are dependent from the quality/shape of the black coil.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us!