EUROPICKLING NV - integrated: fully automated surface inspection system of Parsytec


Since 2000, Europickling is known  in the European steel industry as a reliable ISO-certified partner in pickling steel coils. With our modern push-pull pickling line and high productivity we are able to smoothly process a broad range of coils in different steel qualities and sizes.

Thanks to our production flexibility, you are able to strengthen your own market position. Europickling is specialized in pickling, from one single coil up to large loads, and this from 1.5 mm up to 12 mm in commercial quality (max 6 x 2000mm up to max 12 x 1500mm). In this way we enable you to respond rapidly to demand. As a result, you preserve a maximum flexibility on your stock. For high tensile strengths, carbon steels and others, check our technical sheet.


In harmony with nature.

As a modern company, Europickling attaches great importance to the environment. We believe it is our duty to continuously invest in environmentally responsible solutions. Our company proves every day by its performance these two elements can go hand in hand. Our waste water and air streams are treated with the best available technologies, so the emissions meet strictest conditions. By its innovative way of thinking, Europickling is prepared for the future.



The chemical process based on hydrogen chloride (HCl) takes place in 4  separated sections, each with a specific concentration. It results in high speeds and shortlead times. A radioactive source monitors the precise HCl concentrations, ensuring... 


After pickling, your coils will be stored safely and with the utmost care on blocks of synthetic material, on a stable and dust-free concrete flooring.


You may choose between three packing methods, safely strapped according to stringent conditions:…


Our plant is located in Evergem, near the ports of Ghent, Rotterdam, Antwerp and Vlissingen... We are centrally located in Europe. An additional benefit is ...